George Washington Battles School is located in the southeast section of Santa Maria. The school opened in April 1988 with 345 students. Since then, the school has grown to an enrollment of approximately 900 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Battles School has 41 dedicated teachers who educate our students on a four track, year round schedule. In May 1998, Battles was selected as a "California Distinguished School." Only the top 5% of schools in California are awarded this honor. Battles’ instructional program is outstanding as a result of dedicated teachers, supportive parents and strong educational leadership. Approximately 56% of our students are English Learners. Battles provides an educational program where students are nurtured as they grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially during the years of transition from childhood to adolescence. At Battles School, our motto is: "Dare to Dream, Prepare to Do."