Principal's Message

Battles School
"Student Success is Our Business."
65 East Battles Road
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 361 6882

Accountability Report Card About Our School
George Washington Battles School is located in the southeast section of Santa Maria. The school opened in April 1988 with 345 students. Since then, the school has grown to an enrollment of approximately 800 students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Battles School has 41 dedicated teachers who educate our students. In May 1998, Battles was selected as a "California Distinguished School." Only the top 5% of schools in California are awarded this honor. Battles’ instructional program is outstanding as a result of dedicated teachers, supportive parents and strong educational leadership. Approximately 56% of our students are English Learners. Battles provides an educational program where students are nurtured as they grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially during the years of transition from childhood to adolescence. At Battles School, our motto is: "Dare to Dream, Prepare to Do."

Goals and School-Wide Vision
George Washington Battles School embraces the goals of providing an environment where all children can and do learn. Developing and implementing a rigorous academic monitoring system, creating an environment where technology is an integral component of the learning process, accentuating Battles' parents as participants in the teaching/learning process, providing staff development which supports our goals of increased student academic achievement, monitoring student progress, technology, and inspiring parent involvement.

What is Happening at Battles?
G.W. Battles has embraced district adopted state standards in reading/language arts and math across all grade levels. These rigorous standards raise expectations for all students and are closely monitored to ensure student success. For students needing extra assistance in mastering these identified standards, several "Extended Day Programs" are offered. Small group tutorials are directed by teachers to target students who benefit from intensified interaction. Reading and Math Intervention Programs target students who need small group instruction and a "Homework Club" provides assistance and helps students with their homework assignments. Other enrichment activities offered at Battles include Outdoor School for 6th grade students, an annual talent Show and flag football. All state required curricular areas are included in the school curriculum. Continual analysis of students’ instructional needs determines methods and teaching procedures by staff. English Language Development (ELD) is a focus for all students at all levels of proficiency.